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Fall Laser SPecials

Celebrate Laser Season

The fall is the best time to explore your options for laser treatments at Skin Wellness MD.


Our BBL laser offers patients great results with little to no downtime. For patients who want a deeper treatment, the HALO Laser restores that youthful glow with minimal downtime and maximum results. And remember, lasers are not just for the face– they are safe and effective to treat the entire body, including the neck, chest, hands arms and legs!

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Promotional Details

  • Must be 18 years or older to purchase laser packages. 

  • Combination treatments (treatments that address multiple areas and/or multiple modalities MUST be done in the same office visit; cannot be split into 2 separate appointments)

  • Packages limited to one per person (clients cannot buy two of the same package) 

  • Packages available while supplies last.

  • All Fall Laser Promo appointments must be booked by the promotional end date: 11/6/2023.

  • All Fall Laser Promo packages expire on 2/29/2024. If you have not completed your package by this date, any remaining treatment sessions will become null & void. 

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