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Real Patients, Real Results

At Skin Wellness MD we are known for being the best in the business when it comes to all things lasers! 

Kelly Sutter, RN, CANS holds a certification in laser physics, and has extensive experience using cosmetic lasers including Sciton BBL, HALO, and ProFractional.


Here are some of our favorite before & after photos of our patients, experiencing real results from the various laser treatments we offer at Skin Wellness MD.

3 months post 1x BBL & HALO Combo and 1x BBL to treat surgical scars. Fully healed.
4 months post injury & sutured repair & 1x HALO Treatment. Fully healed.
1 month post 1x HALO Treatment to address fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Fully healed.
3 weeks post 1x HALO Treatment to address wrinkles, discoloration & sundamage. Fully healed.
29 days post 1x HALO Treatment to address wrinkles, discoloration, & texture. Fully healed.

*All treatments done by Kelly Sutter, RN, CANS at Skin Wellness MD in Annapolis MD

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