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Forever Bare BBL Laser Hair Removal


Permanently remove hair in an exceptionally fast, comfortable treatment. Forever Bare BBL™ Laser Hair Removal helps patients reveal soft, smooth skin without the hassle of shaving, tweezing, or painful waxing.

  • This treatment has zero downtime, our patients can resume normal activities immediately following. 

  • Forever Bare BBL™ will provide long-lasting results for patients and is effective on all body areas including the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands.

Laser Hair Removal Armpit Before and After

Say goodbye to the hassle of shaving, painful waxing, and tweezing!

Treat any area of the body with unwanted hair to reveal beautiful skin.

4 months post 3 treatments | courtesy of Elizabeth Hagberg, MD
Laser Hair Removal Before and After
6 months post 3 treatments | courtesy of Sciton, Inc.
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