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ProFractional Laser


ProFractional™ resurfacing is the most effective way to treat a wide variety of textural skin conditions including, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, surgical scars, overall skin rejuvenation, and collagen remodeling. ProFractional™ resurfacing the best scar tool in the world.

  • This treatment eliminates old, damaged skin, by creating thousands of microchannels in the skin that are replaced with fresh, healthy tissue. 

  • Downtime depends on the depth of the treatment and it can be anywhere from 1-7 days. The deeper you go, the more downtime there will be. 

ProFractional Laser Before and After
1 month post 1 treatment | courtesy of Michael Gold, MD
ProFractional Laser Before and After
3 weeks post 3 treatments | courtesy of Kent Remington, MD
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